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Designed by long time BMW guru, and racer, Gary Horneck

‍Racing Dreamz/Uforia™ 

‍ Power Steering Vent Kit


‍Have you ever noticed that film in your engine bay area after driving your BMW a bit hard? Or the oil dripping down the side of the reservoir? That's from your power steering fluid reservoir venting system. With aggressive driving your BMW power steering fluid gets hot and that creates vapors, those vapors escape out the vent hole, and it makes a mess. Now, there is a kit to capture that vapor, giving a place for it to cool and return to liquid state safely.

‍For a $40 donation to Racing Dreamz, we will send you the complete, ready to install kit that will capture the spewage of fluid which ends up all over your BMW engine compartment. When you click on the Donate button, be sure to provide your name, address and contact information so that we can send the kit to you (via USPS). 

‍The kit comes with a new power steering reservoir cap, hose, capture container and hardware to mount it. It just takes a few minutes to install and no more worries of that mess. Compatible with all 2008 and earlier models of BMW and Mini’s. All proceeds go towards the Uforia Car build. Help your self while helping our Veterans.